Kick-off Your Corporate Fitness Challenge Today!

Our SaaS (Strength as a Service) offering is designed for remote or hybrid organizations that think outside the box for their employee benefits and wellness programs. 

Why a 4-week Fitness Challenge? 

Create Community

Build community among your remote workforce to boost retention

Support Mental and Physical Health

Tangible investment into employee wellness

Rewarding Employee Experience

Improve employee experience, improve employer brand

How It Works

💻 Employees gain access to the Body by Jojo platform

2️⃣ Split participants into two teams to compete

🎯 Complete 2-3 workouts per week over 4 weeks

🏡 Engage from the convenience of your own home

🥇 Winning team earns bragging rights and more!

👟 Prizes powered by Puma to be won!

How We Set You Up For Success

📞 Kick-off call to describe the challenge, field questions, get people motivated!

💁‍♀️ Accountability and support through private chat

📊 Weekly progress reports

💪 We make fitness convenient, accessible, and fun!

This Could Be Your Organization Too!

"Epstein Cole engaged Body by Jojo office to run a fitness challenge in December 2021 in the face of the further Omicron lockdown.  The Fitness Challenge was a great way to offer something to our team for their mental and physical health while promoting firm culture and engagement.  It was offered to everyone and individuals could decide how much they wanted to participate, without pressure or judgment.  The sessions were very flexible (with live and recorded sessions offered), manageable and appropriately challenging for the span of our members' "fitness calibre".  We all found Sheldon and Jo to be both gentle and motivating --- very important given the age range of our staff.  In the end, there was surprising uptake across our group who appreciated the virtual platform offered.  For employers, offering this type of fitness challenge is a tangible demonstration of commitment to your member's health and welfare.  For us, it was a very positive experience all around!"

- Roslyn Tsao, Managing Partner at Epstein Cole LLP

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