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Are rest days really important?

fitness tips Oct 01, 2021
You might have heard us say this before but rest days are KEY no matter what your goals are and here's why.
During strength training, we invoke targeted fatigue and break down muscle tissue. It is only during recovery, think proper rest, sleep, nutrition, hydration, that your body will grow and repair muscle tissue. Exercise is merely a signal, a signal that tells your body to...
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Getting Motivated To Workout

fitness tips Sep 01, 2021

It sucks when you don't feel motivated to work out. Dragging your feet, spending 10, 20 or even 30 minutes debating if you should work out, feeling like you'd rather curl up on the couch and work on your goals next year... sound familiar? Here are my tips for working out even when you aren't motivated because the truth is action comes before motivation - not the other way around.

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