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Jojo's Favourite Kitchen Items!

jojo's picks tips Nov 12, 2021

I'm no expert in the kitchen, but I've found a few kitchen tools over the years that have helped make healthy eating easier. Like most, I'm big on saving time and building healthy habits, so having a kitchen that's well equipped to assist me is so important! I've listed below a few of my favourite kitchen items to help me eat better, stay hydrated and enjoy a balanced life! 



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Jojo's Favourite Activewear Brands

In my opinion, there is nothing better than a new workout outfit to get you motivated and excited to crush your Body by Jojo class! You've been asking for some inspo on where to search for workout gear, and I'm your gal! 

Number One Pick... Puma - but I think you could have guessed that ;) I've been a Puma-sponsored...
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