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Jojo's Favourite Kitchen Items!

jojo's picks tips Nov 12, 2021

I'm no expert in the kitchen, but I've found a few kitchen tools over the years that have helped make healthy eating easier. Like most, I'm big on saving time and building healthy habits, so having a kitchen that's well equipped to assist me is so important! I've listed below a few of my favourite kitchen items to help me eat better, stay hydrated and enjoy a balanced life! 


Ceramic Egg Cooker

This nifty little tool makes cooking an egg breakfast quick, easy and almost dish-free! I generally toss in one egg and 1/3 cup of egg whites (the egg whites give you an extra kick of protein!) and then microwave for about 1.5 minutes. I pop that on a piece or two of toast with some veggies (tomato, pepper, cucumber) and call it a day! You can also get super creative and toss the veggies right into the egg cooker to make a little egg bite. 


Immersion Blender

This is the tool for making soups and salad dressings. Without this tool, making soup can be a long and messy process with having to blend in batches (at least I always make a big mess when transferring the soup to the blender, haha). I also love to make salad dressings with fresh herbs, and this is a quicker and less messy way to blend it all up!


Large Tea Pot with Infuser

With the weather getting colder, I love to stay hydrated and cozy with herbal tea. I find it helpful to have a larger pot with a variety of my favourite teas (mostly peppermint!) because it makes me drink more since it's already made and right in front of me. I also love creating the evening routine of coming in from a winter walk and making a big pot of tea for Sheldon and I to enjoy as we wind down for the evening. 

Frieling Stainless Steel Teapot with Infuser-34 oz.

1L Water Bottle

Speaking of staying hydrated, this 1L Puma water bottle has been my BFF over the past month. I love being able to track how much water I'm drinking and not worry about having to run to the fridge to fill up my water multiple times a day. Plus, when it sits in front of me, I'm reminded to drink more often. 



Soda Stream

Okay, it seems we are starting to see a pattern here, but again, I LOVE having a soda stream to help increase my water intake and make my water fancier. Especially if you love having a glass of wine with dinner but are trying to drink less during the week, I find putting soda water, lemons, and fresh berries in a wine glass tends to do the trick!





Cast Iron Dutch Oven 

An excellent tool for soups, stews, pastas and more. I didn't know I needed one until I had one! Plus, in my opinion, it looks really cute on your stove.


Large Salad Bowl 

This bowl is fantastic to make your big ass salad in and to store leftovers in the fridge easily! We recommend one big salad a day, and making one the night before can help you be consistent with it!

Miles Glass Bowl with Acacia Wood Lid (Open Larger View)



Coupe Cocktail Glasses

This last item is just for fun but is recently one of my most favourite purchases! Whether you are drinking champagne or trying some of our mocktail recipes, it'll look (and taste) that much better out of these glasses. 10/10 recommend.

Eve Coupe Cocktail Glass- image 6 of 7 (Open Larger View)




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