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Jojo's Favourite Activewear Brands

In my opinion, there is nothing better than a new workout outfit to get you motivated and excited to crush your Body by Jojo class! You've been asking for some inspo on where to search for workout gear, and I'm your gal! 

Number One Pick... Puma - but I think you could have guessed that ;) I've been a Puma-sponsored trainer for the past four years and have loved watching the brand and clothing evolve and improve! They are AMAZING to work with 🙂. Their running and training shoes are great - plus, they have fantastic workout sets for high and low-impact activities.
Two of my fav sports bras from Puma!

 Puma Fast Women's High Impact Bra 

A great bra for activities like HIIT cardio, running, weights, hiking etc. I love that it has an adjustable strap around the rib cage that's hidden under the arm so you can alter the back strap to fit you perfectly!

 Puma Strappy Women's Low Impact Bra

My fav bra for low impact movement like Pilates, yoga, walks, and weight workouts!  

Next up, we've got Aerie. Flattering for your body and bank account! I love to shop at Aerie for leggings, bike shorts and sports bras. The activewear is perfect for working out and running errands, so you'll definitely get more bang for your buck!

 Aerie OFFLINE Real Me Strappy Back Sports Bra

So soft and comfy! This bra is great for working out or hanging out! It's slightly longer than a regular sports bra, which gives more coverage and pairs great with high-waisted bike shorts!

Now I love supporting family businesses (because, well, we are one too, lol). Balance Athletica is fun, creative and high-quality athletic wear. They run on a "launch" schedule, so follow them on Instagram for news on their next collection. 

Lastly, this isn't necessarily a "brand" per see, but I love shopping on ASOS as they stock various brands with a range of prices. This is where many of my colourful matching sets are from! 

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