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5 Tips To Help You Drink More Water

Uncategorized Jun 16, 2022

It's often our goal to either drink more water or be more consistent with getting our 2 litres in. As the hot summer months approach, staying hydrated is even more important!

Here are some of my favourite ways to do so:

1. Get a new water bottle (and a BIG one!) Sure, you may have a bunch of old water bottles, but are you using them? My guess is no. Grabbing a new bottle can help inspire you to fill it up more often and keep it by your side. If you want to get fancy, grab one that has the time of day on it, like this one, so that you can track your intake. Ideally, your water bottle is big enough, so you only need to fill it up 2-3X in a day!

2. Go sparkling! I love grabbing sparkling water in the afternoon as a refreshing drink to hydrate me. Add in lemon, lime, mint or berries for extra flavour!

3. Ice some tea! Making a big batch of iced tea could help inspire you to drink more! 

4. Set reminders on your phone. If you are pretty bad at drinking water, set daily reminders on your phone every hour to drink up (and get off your butt and do a lap around your office)!

5. Try habit pairing. This is where you pair a current habit you already have established with a habit you are trying to become consistent with. For example: while you wait for your coffee to brew, you drink 8oz of water. 

I hope these tips help you to stay hydrated! Feel free to share yours below!


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