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Uncategorized Nov 05, 2021

Why do so many people have difficulty sticking to their fitness routine? This, of course, cannot be reduced to a single event or reason, but some reasons indeed stand out from the rest. Finding consistency in fitness can be a challenge not because of a lack of time or motivation, but instead, there is missing accountability. Everyone has competing interests, but the ones that get done are because someone, or something, is holding them to account.

If you want to build better consistency in your workouts and nutrition, you have to increase accountability, and this is how you do it.

1. The first thing you need to do is identify who keeps you accountable. It can be yourself, someone else, or even an app. However, if you've tried in the past to do it on your own and only had wavering success at best, then perhaps you need help. And that is totally normal and fine! We have others holding us accountable in most areas of our lives, so fitness should be no different. Workout partners are great, siblings, and of course, a coach or trainer can help fulfill this need! Anyone you like, trust, and respect will do the trick. 

2. Follow a plan or program. Having a workout program and nutrition plan to measure against is perfect for building accountability. Instead of taking an ad hoc approach, take control with a planned fitness routine. That way, you won't have to rely on fleeting motivation to decide when to work out next, as your discipline will now dictate when it gets done. Further, it removes the stress of trying to fit it in last minute and the guesswork of what to do for each workout! Thankfully as a Body by Jojo member, you already have this covered ;)

3. Write down your workout schedule after it's been scheduled into your work calendar. And I am implying literally. Everything else is jotted down digitally, so having this corner of your life drawn in ink will help to separate and prioritize it from the rest. I know it requires double the effort, but there's just something about writing with a pen and paper that makes things feel important enough to get done.

4. Put yourself in a solid position to succeed. We mean that, don't aim to work out 5-6x a week if you know your schedule will not accommodate. Set realistic expectations for a workout frequency that does not make you feel like you're cramming your workouts into an already busy week and your scrambling to complete them. Racing from one appointment to the next doesn't put you in the best frame of mind for a productive training session. If one or two classes a week is achievable over the long term, hold yourself to that and let that be that.

Accountability is not something to be feared or avoided but rather welcomed. It is an important tool for getting your sh*t done on time, as said, and extends well beyond the scope of fitness. If you can nail down who's or what is keeping you accountable, the consistency will be right behind! 

Be strong and be well,

Coach Sheldon


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