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Busy Weekends? No time to grocery shop on Sunday? I GOT YOU!

recipes tips Oct 15, 2021

Here is how to set yourself up for a successful week of eating when you don't have time to hit the grocery store. We've all been there. You've gone away for the weekend or been running around from one event to another, and soon Sunday night hits, you have no groceries and are utterly unprepared for the week ahead. Don't panic. Let's talk it through, and I'll share some of my best tips to help you get back on track and be better prepared next week!

1. Grocery shopping doesn't need to only happen on the weekends. 

I know we always picture a good ol' Sunday grocery shop but try to get out of this mindset that it HAS to happen on the weekend or it won't happen at all. If you know you will be away for the weekend, making Sunday a challenging day to grocery shop, be sure to block off early Monday morning or Monday after work to get to the store. And no, you won't want to go, but you need to. Think of the same discipline a kid needs to get their homework done. They may not want to do it, but they have to. It's adult homework.

2. Make double on Wednesday or Thursday night and freeze it! 

This one takes a bit of pre-planning, but remember that preparation is key to eating well and fueling your body. If you know you won't be hitting the grocery store this weekend, make double the dinner on Wednesday or Thursday night and freeze it. You'll be able to quickly pull it out on Monday morning, so you have something for lunch or dinner. Stews, soups or curries are really great for this. Make sure it has protein and lots of veggies because you aren't likely to have any fresh veggies to make a salad. Check out this week's new Veggie Bean Chili as a great option! 

3. Keep the basics on hand for a Monday without groceries

There are a few items that can be helpful to keep on hand all the time to throw together a quick meal when you haven't done a grocery shop yet. Buy them in bulk and so you always have them on hand and you never catch yourself without a meal to make! It may not be gourmet, but it'll do the trick until you can hit the grocery store. Here are a few suggestions

  • Chickpea or Bean pasta, tomato sauce and frozen veggies. Sautee veggies, add to sauce, make pasta, mix together... tada.
  • Smoothie with protein powder, frozen berries etc. 
  • Yogurt bowl

4. Grocery shop for the entire week when you do your Friday shop for the cottage (or where ever you go on the weekend)

This one only works if you are heading to a cottage or something for the weekend but if you are grocery shopping for the weekend, take the extra time to do a full shop for the week! I know it may seem annoying to lug all the groceries to the cottage and home again but come Sunday/ Monday, you'll be so grateful you did!!!

5. Reframe why you eat healthily.

This can be very helpful when it comes to motivation, and particularly discipline, with putting in the effort it takes to eat well. Instead of thinking about eating well to look a certain way or reach a physical goal, think about eating well to energize your body, fortitfy against illness and disease, improve your mood, and so much more! Food is medicine!

6. Subscribe to a meal delivery or cooking service.

Meal delivery and cooking services are abound these days! Choose from ready-made meals or ingredients boxes services! . While you may not wish to do this long-term, it can be helpful for those weeks where you are busier or don't have time to do a full shop.

7. Order groceries online and have them delivered. 

I ALWAYS forget about this option but, during COVID, this was many people's go-to! Do a grocery shop online on Saturday or Sunday so that it arrives at your door when you get back from your weekend away!


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