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February Schedule Update & Challenge

Uncategorized Jan 19, 2024


Hey Everyone,

Hope you're doing well! We are so excited to kick off our next challenge focused on more movement, mobility, strength and cardio! The goal is to step out of our usual routines and focus on mobility, cardiovascular health, endurance, core strength, and muscle building.

I know many of you have your preferred classes and workout frequencies, but this challenge is all about trying something new. We're throwing in cardio days, pilates for mobility and stability, and some chill stretch sessions. Three days will be dedicated to heavy lifting, followed by barre/pilates, plus optional cardio and mobility/stretch for that extra recovery.

During this challenge we are in New Zealand so the schedule looks different. No live classes from Feb 5 - 11. Tentative live schedule is below. Just keep in mind, time zones and vacation vibes might add a bit of spontaneity. Always check the Live/Recorded section for the latest updates. We may be able to add a class or two depending on the set up.

Looking forward to shaking things up together! You are going to love this one! 

*p.s no need to sign up for this challenge, just follow along under the Live/ Recorded classes. Challenge tracker will be included in your Sunday Reset email and available to download under Live/ Recorded Classes.



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