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New Year, Same Habits

Uncategorized Jan 07, 2022

Happy new year, fam! It's that time of year where you may be tempted to try the diet that Aunt Judy said helped her lose 10lbs or buy those gummies that claim to boost your energy and snatch your waist, but I want to remind you that you know better than that! I don't blame you for being tempted. When we want something, we want it now in our modern existence. But our goals don't work like that, and neither do our bodies (if they did, everyone would be walking around with a six-pack). 

So before you decide to start the keto diet or spend $200 on diet supplements, I want to ask you this. And please answer honestly. Have you been doing each of the following habits 80% of the time for at least three months (at least!)? If you answered no, that's exactly where I want you to focus. And if you answered yes but still aren't seeing progress, let me help you troubleshoot.

Here are the foundational habits that EVERYONE should follow, regardless of goals.

  • 2L of water per day
  • Strength train 3x per week (some people may do this 4-5x)
  • Sleep 7-9hrs 
  • include veggies at each meal
  • eat a big salad each day
  • include at least a palm size of protein at each meal
  • eat 80% whole foods (you can understand and pronounce the ingredients!)
  • eat in a moderate calorie deficit if trying to lose body fat (moderate, not extreme!)
  • increase steps and aim for 8-10k steps per day if your goal is to lose body fat 
  • eat in a calorie surplus if trying to gain muscle
  • reduce alcohol intake and only drink when YOU want to, not out of habit or politeness

Bonus habits that will enhance your health:

  • walk 10K steps a day
  • include a variety of colours of veggies in your diet
  • reduce alcohol intake to 0-1 day per week
  • complete an "activity" weekly like biking, skiing, hiking, swimming etc.

So how did you do? It's okay if you could only check off a few boxes; that means we have something to focus on in 2022! You got this!

If nutrition overwhelms you and you want to empower yourself with the knowledge and tools to know how and what to eat for your body, I highly recommend checking out our 12-Week Group Nutrition Coaching program. We begin on Jan 10th, and we'd love for you to join us. 



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