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Redefining Fitness

Uncategorized Dec 02, 2021

If your definition of fitness is shaped by what you see on social media - i.e. insanely ripped people and fake tans - then let us help redefine that for you. Why - because the exercise industry loves to promote and define fitness from a superficial perspective. And unfortunately, many people buy into this false narrative, which can make getting fit feel like a pipe dream. 

Instead, let’s acknowledge and define fitness as the level of capability to perform work in a specific task. An easy example to imagine is one’s fitness to run a marathon. First, can you run 42 consecutive kilometres, and if so, how quickly can you achieve that feat? As such, fitness is not what you look like but more so what you’re capable of doing. And capability comes in all shapes and sizes. 

I’ve seen plenty of clients who had more visible body fat and appeared less athletic, demonstrate greater ability and fitness than those who were thin. The difference lies underneath. Being skinny does not make you fit if paired with a small and weak engine. What matters is strength.

How your body performs under strength and stamina demands is the most important benchmark for determining fitness. That’s why at Body by Jojo, we’ve centred our fitness coaching on developing real strength that elevates your fitness across any activity. Life simply becomes easier when you are strong and capable! 

As kids, we learned not to judge a book by its cover. So as adults, let’s begin to apply the same logic to people and fitness. It’s time we start encouraging people to view fitness for what we are actually capable of and not what it looks like we are. 

Be strong and be well.

Coach Sheldon


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