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Tips For Thoughtful Eating This Thanksgiving

tips Oct 08, 2021

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving weekend!!!

Here is a fun fact about me - Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday. I'm not sure if it's the beautiful fall colours, the pumpkins or just the fact that there is way less pressure than Christmas since there are no gifts, but whatever it is, I genuinely look forward to Thanksgiving each year!


For those of you who don't know, I once had a struggling relationship with food. The holidays always brought on a lot of anxiety with overeating, eating foods that I viewed as "bad," and feeling guilty come Monday morning. Whether you are healing your relationship with food or simply looking for tips on navigating Thanksgiving dinner without feeling blah on Monday, keep reading!


  1. Eat normally throughout the day! I know this may sound silly, but often we feel we should eat way less or "save" our calories if we indulge that evening, but this is NOT what I recommend. Instead, eat a nutritious breakfast and lunch or brunch. Include lots of veggies, protein and healthy fat to help keep you full and satisfied for longer. This will help you avoid overeating or mindless eating because you won't be completely ravenous come dinner time!
  2.  Keep your water intake high! Even if you are enjoying some thanksgiving wine, remember keeping your water intake high will help reduce inflammation, improve digestion and reduce the chance of being hungover! Bring your water bottle with you and get chugging (water that is lol).
  3. When it comes to appetizers, create your own plate! Not only will this be more Covid friendly, but it will also help you to eat mindfully and be in control of what you are consuming. Often when we eat out of a communal bowl or plate, we get distracted by our conversations and chatter and end up consuming a lot more than we think, which can lead to you feeling full before the meal has even started! Combat this by creating your own little plate, so you control your portions and be aware of them. 
  4. Go for a LONG walk. Before dinner, after dinner or both! Getting some movement in and enjoying the fresh air will help boost your mood and improve your digestion. Do you feel bloated or in a turkey coma after dinner? Get outside for a long walk to help your body digest or wake up!
  5. Avoid the all-or-nothing mindset. I know it can be tempting to think of this as a "cheat" day and just go all out eating as much as you want and "restarting" again tomorrow. But the truth is - this is life! There is no restarting; it's just another day. Instead, adopt the 80/20 lifestyle and enjoy the less nutritious foods you love because 80% of the time, you're fueling your body with nutritious food. Rather than thinking, "I'll let myself eat a bunch of pie today, but tomorrow I'll be good." Tell yourself to enjoy the pie today and if you want a slice tomorrow, have one! You don't need to overeat and make yourself feel sick today just to be able to "cut it out" tomorrow. If you want more, you can have more tomorrow. No restrictions.
  6. Slow down, and enjoy! I know it sounds obvious, but it's often easier said than done. Eat slowly. Take the time to enjoy each bite and the food in front of you.
  7. Follow the plate method! Sure, you may have more carbs, but who cares! Fill half of your plate with veggies and include a palm-size protein - hello turkey!
  8. Have a peppermint tea! If you are feeling bloated and uncomfortable after dinner, try drinking peppermint tea. Peppermint is known to reduce bloat and upset stomachs.
  9. Be thankful!! This one shouldn't come as a surprise but remind yourself of this when you feel overly full or bloated. Those feelings are temporary, and think about how grateful that you have the opportunity to eat so much that you are full! 
  10. It's just one day. Remember, it's not what you do once in a while; it's what you do each day. Just like one day of eating super healthy won't get you great results, one day of eating differently than you usually do won't ruin your progress. Stay calm and enjoy yourself. 

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