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Vitamins & Supplements - What Jojo Takes

Uncategorized Feb 11, 2022

These days it seems one of the top asked questions is "What supplements do you take?!" I'm always hesitant to share what supplements I take because I feel there is too much emphasis placed on supplements and getting "results." While supplements can be helpful for some, they are just a very tiny piece of the puzzle to reaching your goals - whatever those goals may be. In short, you do not need to take supplements to see results. Proper diet, exercise and lifestyle choices will make up 95% of the results that you see. Use supplements to do just that, "supplement" your diet but don't rely on or feel the need to buy a bunch of supplements to reach your goals. 

Important note: To prescribe or recommend supplements in Canada, you need to be an ND, MD or RD. Therefore I cannot say which supplements are right for you; I can share what ones you may want to consider discussing with your health care provider and what they do for you! Also, I want to remind you that NOTHING replaces a good diet. The majority of your vitamins, minerals and protein should be coming from whole foods sources. If you eat enough veggies, you shouldn't need a greens powder. No supplement is going to make or break your goals. Before investing in supplements (outside of protein powder), I recommend speaking with your Naturopath, perhaps getting your bloodwork done to see what you may be deficient in and ensuring you're prioritizing a healthy diet. If you struggle with your diet, I believe you would see more benefit from investing in improving your diet through a Custom Nutrition Consult or 1:1 Nutrition Coaching.

Here is my list (from most important to least)

Vitamin D - improves immune function, supports brain health, and decreases gut inflammation. I personally like Jamieson Vitamin D Spray

Protein Powder - helps build muscle, repair tissue, and make enzymes and hormones. You do not need protein powder, but if you struggle to get enough protein in your diet, it can be helpful to add to smoothies, overnight oats, chia seed pudding etc, to help increase your daily intake. I recommend a whey isolate (as opposed to a concentrate). Whey isolate, generally speaking, has a higher protein content, lower carb content and less lactose, making it easier to digest. I like ATP labs vanilla whey and North Coast Naturals Vanilla Whey. The body more easily absorbs whey isolate than a vegan protein; however, if you are vegan or cannot digest dairy, I recommend Genuine Health Protein.  

Multi-vitamin - a low dose of a variety of vitamins and minerals. 

Magnesium - improves muscle and nerve function, regulates blood pressure and supports the immune system. It can also help with relaxing your body before bed. Natural Calm is a safe bet! 

Probiotic - improve gut health, balance friendly bacteria in your digestive system, and may help boost the immune system. There are quite a few types of probiotics out there, and I don't recommend starting one without the guidance of a medical professional. I saw my Naturopath for gut issues in 2020, and I was taking a probiotic but the wrong kind. Once I switched, it made a world of difference.

Creatine - improves strength, increases lean muscle mass and helps the muscles recover more quickly during exercise. Some new studies show that increased creatine intake can improve brain function; however, further research is required to better understand this and confirm the results. I like Thorne Creatine, but it currently seems to be sold out. 

Collagen - I don't take this consistently but wanted to list it because it's the #1 supplement I get questions about. The truth is this supplement is super "hot" right now, but the jury is still out on whether it's effective. Some clients I've worked with absolutely swear by it to improve their hair, nails and skin. Others say they don't notice much of a difference. If you have some extra money and would like to give it a try, I've used Vital Proteins Collagen. Collagen does have a high protein content, but it's not a complete protein, so I don't recommend using it as your sole protein source at your meal.

 Fish Oil - if you don't eat fish, I recommend discussing with your health care provider if adding fish oil is right for you. I eat fish 2x per week, so I don't take a supplement, but you might need one.

Once again, I am not recommending these supplements to you; please do your research and speak with your health care provider. I hope this helps! Feel free to ask any questions below, and I'll do my best to answer them.


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